Stuttgart Research Focus Language and Cognition

Welcome to the Stuttgart Research Focus Language and Cognition!

The Stuttgart Research Focus (SRF) is an interdisciplinary institution at the University of Stuttgart. The SRF encourages interdisciplinary research in the areas of linguistics and cognition. The central aspect of the SRF is a collaboration of theoretical linguistics (Linguistics Department) and computational linguistics (Institute for Natural Language Processing)—a unique structure in the German-speaking world. This research association integrates projects related to the following topics:

  • Fundamental questions about speech and language processing, as well as the significance of different kinds of data (typological comparisons)
  • Implementation of quantitative methods
  • Research concerning the basic methods of linguistics and cognitive sciences
  • Establishing and evaluating connections between rule-based and statistical systems
  • Application of insights from cognitive sciences (i.e., "embodiment") to language
  • Uniting theoretical insights from linguistics with other cognitive sciences

Additionally, the SRF is developping new interdisciplinary topics and provides a basis for successful research collaborations. The SRF:

  • invites visiting researchers
  • organizes regular meetings and seminars
  • organizes international workshops and conferences



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