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2. Oktober 2017; Fabian Bross

The workshop will focus on the question of how conceptual knowledge (as context and world knowledge) interacts with the linguistic system. In particular, we want to address controversies that arise with regard to the structural encoding of semantic and conceptual information. Broadly speaking, one can distinguish between three approaches:

  1. Traditional approaches link conceptual resources neither to compositional semantics nor to syntactic configurations (see the traditional Montague grammar and approaches based on it).
  2. Conceptual-semantic approaches point to a direct influence of conceptual knowledge on the compositional meaning constitution, without directly reflecting it in the syntax (see two-level semantics as in Bierwisch 1982, Lang & Maienborn 2011, or type compositional logic as in Asher 2011).
  3. Structure-oriented approaches link conceptual-semantic knowledge to syntactic configurations (see Distributed Morphology and (Neo-)Constructional Approaches as, for instance, advanced by Borer 2005, Ramchand 2013).

Against this background, the workshop invites contributions which:

       - demonstrate the advantages of the respective approaches through case studies, or

       - contrast the explanatory potential of the different approaches.


More information: here